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Video Testimonials on Bizpages

Bizpages has launched a new remarkable service to help its users promote their businesses. The new feature is called Light Video Testimonials, and as can be seen from the name, it is about video reviews or testimonials.

As the online competition grows, businesses spend more effort to build their online reputation. Nowadays, neary all potential customers do an initial web research into a company they plan to buy products or services from. It is therefore vitally important for any business to be well presented online, have a good and user-friendly website and show future clients what other happy clients have to say about the business.

To cater this need, Bizpages has introduced a new service, Light Video Testimonials ( ). The word 'light' in its title means that this product is significantly different from what other similar services have to offer. See below how this service makes  a difference:

  •  As a business owner, you don't need to invest a lot of money in a video testimonial. It must be made at a low cost
  • No need to shoot a lengthy and pretentious video
  •  No need to hire a director, camera operator, light operator and costume designers 
  • No need to find or lease premises for filming
  • No costly post-production

The main idea  behind this product is that you get your business testimonial with minimal effort, at affordable cost (currently only 15 USD per video) and quickly, in one or two days.

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