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Tours and excursions in Uzbekistan

What is needed to organize a trip to Central Asia

Uzbekistan is located in Asia, north of India, Iran, and Afghanistan. It is surrounded by other post-Soviet republics of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. The country has a stable political and economic situation, and is viewed by many as a growing Asian power that has good prospects for development.
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Khiva, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has numerous tourist attractions including famous cities Samarkand and Bukhara, which are mentioned in the 1001 Nights and many legends of the Orient. At present, these Uzbek cities have preserved the beauty and attraction of the past. Spectacular mosques, minarets and madrasahs are combined with hospitality and warmth of the Uzbek people and rich national tradition that may be learned during a tour to Uzbekistan.

Also, Uzbekistan offers great opportunities to adventure travelers. Nomadic experiences in yurts, trekking and mountaineering, rafting, camel riding, fishing and hunting, bird watching, etc. are the opportunities for various types of tourism activities. Every such type of activity is better organized with assistance from an experienced local professional who would have the competence and skills.

To organize a tour of Uzbekistan, it is advised to communicate to one of hundreds of tour operators. They can help you with the following:

* Prepare a nice program/itinerary that shows you the best and keeps you from seeing what is not worth seeing
* Find the best subcontractors for your tour: a professional tour guide and a good and skillful driver with a good quality auto * Book a nice hotel
* Book places to eat: cafes, restaurants and diners
* Book and buy out train and/or air tickets, tickets to local theaters, folk shows, exhibitions, etc.
* Communicate to other countries of the region if it is a multi-country tour
* Help handle daily needs such as lost luggage, health problems, stolen items, export permissions for pieces of art or handcrafts, emergency cancellations, etc.

We at Aba Travel Uzbekistan are at all times available to answer any questions or help with organizing travel services for the country and adjacent destinations.

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